As we open a new decade, it is important to refresh ourselves on certain company policies that are critical to a happy and functioning workplace environment. ManhattanLife takes harassment very seriously and will not condone agression, pressure, or intimidation in any form. As an organization, we believe that everyone should be afforded a workplace that is free from this activity.


Please take time to follow the instructions provided below to acknowledge review and receipt of this policy. Failure to follow the provided instructions will result in incomplete reporting of this task. A link to the training application is found at the END of the instructions.


  1. The referenced file should be downloaded using Internet Explorer. Failure to do so may result in incomplete reporting.

  2. When prompted, click the "Save" or "Save As" option.

  3. Click the "Run" button after the download has completed.

  4. Click the "Allow" button to allow the application to run.

  5. If prompted, select the "Microsoft (R) HTML Application Host" to run the application.

  6. Click the "Run" button to execute the training package

  7. Download the training application here >>Training Application<< to being this process.


Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


David W. Harris
Chairman, CEO